LEKMED premium
     Dietary product based on bee products and remedial herbs: extracted propolis, bee wax and pollen of a chosen group of herbs, in ethanolic solution of parts of the same herbs. The contents of the final product is a specter of naturally extracted essential bioactive substances - nutritious elements, vitamins, ferments, phyto-hormones, enzymes, antioxidants, flavonoid compounds…
    Basically, LEKMED premium manifesting specialy beneficial effect at  gastritis, ulcus ventriculi and ulcus bulbi duodeni.
In a broader sense, LEKMED premium has an array of side effects, so it can very successfully treat problems varying from changes on the walls of the digestive tract of known and unknown origin: bad breath, fungal infections of the mouth, caries, paradentopathy, spasms in the stomach and guts, hyperacidity, to hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, fissures.
    Approved bactericide anti-inflamatory, anti-virusly, funguscide, local-anesthetic and regenerative effect on mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum. LEKMED premium presents clean natural antibiotic - spectar of activity is also on multitud micro organism, gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria. Flavonoids compound with anti flogistic effect stimulate regenerative process activated protective factor and immunity.
    A few years ago,  activity-research of  LEKMED premium against Helicobacter pylori was performed. Detection results was abslolutely positive. ( Helicobacter pylori also proclaimed  provocative-bacteria toward ulcus-illnes.For this revelation sence erly `80th. Australian scientist Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, becomes Nobel prize conqueror.)       Feedback from users, who knows that have it, also verifyed assuredly effects.
    Simple treatment for thirty days permanently cures illness.

    Of course, we have smooth statistcs about preparation activity based on feedback from users.  Now after line of years they are thousends. Conclusion: LEKMED premium fully conquer our users and ourself too, and absolutly takes status of first choice in treatment difficulty and illness, mentioned before.

    LEKMED premium is a tested, registreted and protected product, under constant control of quality at authorized institutions.